Healthcare providers are leaving their practices in record numbers, whether it’s to enjoy retirement or to become an employee. Many providers don’t realize that they have ongoing responsibility for maintaining their patient records.

Storing patient records and providing copies to former patients, insurance companies, attorneys, etc. can be expensive and a huge distraction. If not done correctly, it could also result in a HIPAA breach, fines, and notoriety. Not the way to end your career!

SIS NW offers easy and affordable solutions that reduce the expense and liability of managing your patient’s records after you close your practice or need to manage records after a merger or acquisition. We also have solutions for converting or retiring electronic medical records systems.

Leasing options are available.

Why Storage Medical Records?

SIS NW, Inc. is focused on providing cost saving solutions for eliminating paper in your business and automating paper intensive processes. SIS NW, Inc. provides services to all types of industries, with a strong emphasis on health care solutions.